Recess Relay



Our Bobby’s Run students will be participating in a Relay Recess / Relay for Life program in conjunction with the American Cancer Society on Friday, May 26th.  Just look at what this event will benefit!


  • Students will learn four important components during their Health class – Nutrition, Fitness, Sun Protection and Tobacco Prevention.
  • The Health and Fitness Club  students have made posters for the event and also have been making items to sell to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Items will be on sale in the cafeteria during the lunch periods and students can buy duct tape flower pencils or paper feet for $1.00; book marks for 2/$1 or duct tape strips to tape Mrs. Hofstrom to the wall for $3.00; and Luminaira bags to decorate and place out at the walk for $10.00.  We hope you will support your child and help in their fundraising efforts.
  • During the actual physical part of this program, 4th grade students will relay during 7thperiod and 5th grade during 8th period.  And it’s more than just walking!  Students will receive an index card and for every Bobby’s Run School lap they accomplish, they get a hole punch in their card.  When they complete their lap they will earn a water bottle, a slice of orange and a toe token – cool!


This is an ideal lesson in promoting cancer prevention awareness with a fun physical fitness activity while unifying our school with our community for a common cause.  Thank you to all!

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